Introducing the Turtle Tough TV enclosure—the perfect protection for your TV in Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation

Turtle Tough robust television enclosure for Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation

When it comes to safety and style, you can’t beat our Turtle Tough TV enclosure. It’s durable, has a modern design and reduces the risk of injury for high-risk areas, including Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation.   What is the Tough Turtle TV enclosure? Made from 3mm steel with an unbreakable 12mm polycarbonate screen, the Tough Turtle TV enclosure is built to last. It’s the perfect way to protect your TV, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. With built-in ventilation, gas struts for easy lifting, handy mounting brackets, anti-tamper screws and, all corners and edges are rounded so you can rest....

Assistive technology ready & home automation for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Photo of a mobile phone with images radiating from it including air conditioner, light, fountain, pump, oven, coffee machine, car charger and TV

Independent Living Made Easy Assisted living and Smart Home Automation technology is enabling people with disabilities to live fuller and more rewarding independent lives. New home automation technology maximises the ability of those with disabilities to live independently by enabling control of their home through smart devices and voice control. The technology is seamless in its simplicity of use and is designed for use by people with disabilities in mind.  There are endless scenarios where smart home technology can help everyday living... Building Specialist Disability Accommodation that is Assistive technology ready with home automation allows users to live with a....

SDA 2 Hour Backup Requirements Explained

Photo of house with SDA UPS detailed

Design Specification The SDA standard below requires a 2-hour emergency backup in the event of a power outage for 2x GPO points (general purpose outlets) in a participant room for a range of equipment. The most suitable emergency backup device to accommodate the requirements is a UPS system.   Types of equipment that may require redundant power Ventilator Ceiling hoist Emergency notification alarm Electric bed controls Alternating air mattress CPAP device Door controllers Suctioning equipment Small fridge for medication Communication decices Air-conditioning is typically not factored into the design load, however, the two-hour capacity provides a participant who is reliant....

SDA Design Standard 12 Months On

Welcome to our first in a series of short informational videos on Specialist Disability Accommodation. In this video, we share our learnings from the first year since the release of the new SDA Design Standard that I was co-author of. Already we are starting to see things go wrong with SDA. In this presentation, I will review some of the issues but more importantly identify areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, I will look at the opportunities available for developers and providers who choose to exceed the minimum standards   View the Video  .

Making Emergency Management Compliance of SDA’s Simple

How would you feel if you were left behind

Keeping everyone safe in a multi-storey building that contains Specialist Disability Accommodation, is the responsibility of both the SIL provider and the SDA owner/provider. Unfortunately, the Australian Building Codes Board negligently ignores the rights and life safety of people with disability by excluding any prescriptive requirements within the deemed-to-satisfy sections of the Building Code of Australia that address the protection and safe evacuation of people with a disability. Like most things I personally think it will require an incident involving loss of life of people with disability before anything happens with building legislation, as if Kew Cottages, Childres Backpackers and....

Motorised Powered Stair Climber EvacuLife Power

Portable Motorise Powered Stairclimber

Family homes or apartments with stairs present barriers for people with a mobility type disability restricting them accessing the greater community. Additionally broken or out of serviced lifts are of no use in an evacuation nor are stairs when individuals don’t have the capacity to use them. The EvacuLife Power MKII motorised powered stair climber and evacuation chair solves that problem and importantly is easy to use. It’s the ultimate powered solution for movement of people with a disability for day to day activities or in an evacuation or medical emergency. With one push of a button you, can transport individuals comfortably and....


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