Why the SIL, STA, MTA or SDA Accommodation you’re Providing may be Operating Illegally

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Have you confirmed before trading within your SIL, STA, SDA or MTA house that it has the correct building classification? Is it a Class 1a, Class 1b, Class 2 or Class 3? All approved dwellings will have an occupancy permit (OP), which will state the approved use of that dwelling in the form of a classification. If the building classification is Class 1a, It may not be fit for purpose. We have often been asked to manage SIL, STA or MTA properties with an OP for Class 1a, which we decline. It is not a simple case of renting a....

What Size Block Of Land or Apartment Size Do I Need To Build SDA?

SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation Concept Design

This is one of the most common questions we get asked along with, "I have a block of land this size or an apartment, what can I build on it?" These are both open-ended questions due to the number of variables involved such as: How flat is the land? What category are you going to build? Robust and Improved Livability land size is similar, Fully Accessible and High Physical Support are identical, How many dwellings are proposed? How many occupants are being considered within each dwelling? For apartments, how big is the net floor area? Mark Krause, Senior SDA Consultant....


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