About Us

About SDA Consulting Australia

At SDA Consulting Australia, we understand the positive impact that appropriate Specialist Disability Accommodation housing has on people with disability. We believe that everyone is entitled to an accommodation that meets their needs in every way and allows them to live comfortably and to the fullest.

We aim to use our knowledge and experience across both the disability and building sectors to assist eligible people in making the most of their SDA funding.

SDA Consulting Australia (part of the Equal Access Group) as the principal consultant has partnered with other industries’ leading consultants to enable the delivery of cost-effective SDA projects for both not for profits/ developers as well as the people with disability that will be occupying it.


The Equal Access Group

The Equal Access Group is passionate and committed to supporting the rights of all people, including people with disability, ensuring their home and place of work are accessible and that in the event of an emergency, everyone can get out safely.

Our team has a diverse range of experience, including building design, project management, building surveying, and occupational therapists. Our key personnel are accredited by the Association of Consultants in Access Australia.

With the parent company established in 2007, we have years of experience, and our collective skill-set allows us to provide a highly specialised service to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise includes Equal Access Disability Access Consultants, EvacuLife and luminance contrast testing specialists. We help organisations and individuals create safe environments and prepare for emergencies.

We work throughout Australia to enhance the built environment so that all members of our community, including people with disability, have equal and fair access wherever they go.

Boy with a disability in a wheelchair playing checkers with father at home