What we do

Engaging SDA Consulting Australia (Part of the Equal Access Group) will help you navigate the market when it comes to developing Specialist Disability Accommodation. The team at SDA Consulting Australia are highly experienced disability access consultants who have an extensive knowledge of building practices with a special interest in accessibility. We understand how the NDIS and SDA work and we’ll take you through the assessment and funding process and help you understand your options and choose the right SDA for your needs.

Our consulting services can be delivered nationwide to both metropolitan and regional areas.


Our Key Services

Development of new Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA Consulting Australia is able to assist a wide variety of people including Parents, Not for Profit Organisations and Developers who are looking to upgrade or develop new homes as Specialist Disability Accommodation.

We offer a range of services including consulting within project design team as follows:

  • Assist with feasibility studies
  • Schematic design reviews
  • Design development reviews
  • Construction documentation reviews and registration
  • Final as-built reviews and certification.


Compliance Audits of existing Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA Consulting Australia can undertake full compliance audits of both individual SDAs or full property portfolios.

These assessments can be customised to suit a client’s specific requirements. Typically, we assess existing rooming houses and provide clear guidance on the level of compliance achieved to the nearest SDA category. Our audits also detail any additional works required to be undertaken to achieve the nominated category.

We can also assess building against nominated categories and again provide a scope of works required to achieve the selected category.


Upgrades of existing Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA upgrades are undertaken for many reasons and these include

  • Where the current building requires certification to receive NDIS funding.
  • Due diligence inspections to check compliance
  • Where noncompliances were identified to the minimum LCA/ SDA requirements
  • Where a change in category is desired ie changing from ‘Fully Accessible’ to ‘High Physical Support’.
Young man with infantile cerebral palsy.