Fully Accessible

Under the SDA, Fully Accessible housing is designed to assist people with a significant physical impairment by providing a high level of physical access features.  A person with significant physical impairment experiences an extreme or complete loss of the ability to perform one or more self-care or self-management functions. This can include mobility, eating, toileting or managing their behaviour. People with significant physical impairment can only perform the activity in a limited capacity, even with home modifications and assistive technology.



To be classified as SDA Fully Accessible housing a dwelling must be designed to the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard category ‘Fully Accessible’:

Funding for Fully Accessible SDA is available on new builds and existing stock. For compliance, all SDA dwellings must be designed and maintained to a standard consistent with the surrounding properties and neighbourhood, must recognise the importance of outdoor areas and must be built on land that is an adequate size for the number of residents.


Fully Accessible Checklist

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Specialist Disability Accommodation Assessment - Fully Accessible

To ensure every home exceeds the Minimum Design Requirements and meets the intent of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the NDIS, we have developed our own assessment checklists to assist with the design process. We want to ensure all homes are designed to meet the individual needs of residents and promote an inclusive and supportive environment that enables participation and opportunity.  Follow the link to our Fully Accessible Design Checklist.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Fully Accessible