Alarm Notifications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Deafgard Emergency ALarm for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Being woken from your sleep by a smoke alarm or similar is not something most of us think about. But what if you are deaf or hard of hearing and cannot hear emergency alarms in an emergency? Deafgard is an alarm that you can see but more importantly feel when you are asleep as it has an intense vibrating pad that is placed under the pillow that will wake the heaviest of sleepers. There are fire alarms you hear and those that you feel. Deafgard has been specifically designed for the deaf and hard of hearing in fire and emergency....

The Failures of SDA and Fire Safety

Failure of Emergency Planning in SDA

Following on from my previous posts about the safety of participants in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) I thought I would again challenge the status quo of what is perceived to be permitted building classifications vs safe building classifications. We already know based on the SDA price guide, building classifications 1a, 1b & 2 are permitted to house people with disability. But does everyone understand how quickly a home or apartment like this (without sprinklers) can be engulfed in a fire? In the following video note the time the smoke alarm is activated, then how long until flashover is reached?  ....

Enrolling Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) with the NDIA

SDA assisted bathroom with ceiling track hoist lifting gear

With the introduction of the SDA Design Standard, the NDIA has implemented a new process for all new as-built dwellings wishing to meet the criteria for enrolment as SDA.  As of 1st July 2021, Certification of the Design and As-built stages for new build SDA must be provided by an Accredited SDA Assessor. Under the new process a dwelling is required to be certified by an Accredited Assessor to a particular SDA Design Category at two stages: Design (Provisional) Certification, and Final-as-built Certification (Mandatory for SDA enrolment). The 2-stage certification process, as outlined in the Implementation Plan, aims to assure....


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