Updated 15/12/2022 Critical Update for SDA Apartments OOA

Critical Update for Apartments OOA

They say a week is a long time in politics, well with SDA the same sentiments apply.

Following on from our post of last week based on an update received for SDA Assessors, we have received further advice as follows.


PART 2: Critical Update for Apartments OOA

The NDIA has received feedback on the recent email to SDA Assessors on the correction to the Assessor Update #4 issued 11 November 2022 relating to the use of a studio style apartment as OOA.

The NDIA, as noted previously, made a base assumption that as the costing for an OOA apartment equated to an apartment of similar type and category as SDA apartments being enrolled, then this is was what would be constructed. We note also the references to a SDA dwelling substantively having a kitchen, a bathroom, a living/dining area, an entrance/exit and at least one bedroom and the absence of a studio design category, which permits the combination of the bedroom, kitchen and living/dining areas within the one room.

Whilst this is still the NDIA’s strong expectation, enrolments will be considered where an OOA apartment is identified. The Assessor Update will soon be/has been amended to clarify the NDIS’ expectation of appropriately sized OOA without the additive restrictions that were included in the 11 November 2022 update.

As part of the continued development of the SDA market, the NDIA will consider the matter of the size and pricing of OOA in the SDA Pricing Review that is currently underway. Additionally, a change to the documentation required to accompany SDA Assessors reports where there is also a claim/intended claim for the OOA allowance, will commence from 1 January 2023. This change will be a requirement that a snapshot of the plans of the OOA apartment be included in the Design Stage and Final as Built reports submitted to the NDIA.

Please note the Access Institute, Joe Manton and Farah Madon continue to support the development of SDA however are not the authority in relation to the Assessor Updates, this is the responsibility of the NDIA.

More information is available within the assessor update.


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