Why Robust SDA is Failing Participants, Carers and Investors

Why Robust SDA is Failing Participants, Carers and Investors

Most ‘Robust SDA’ properties being delivered to the market are falling short of meeting the requirements of participants, care providers, and investors. This is because there is minimal understanding of the requirements of participants, and little thought has been given to the design of the dwelling. Instead, we are seeing standard home designs being adapted to the requirements of the SDA design standards and delivering a poor result. Another issue developers and investors face is that the SDA Design Standard includes few prescriptive requirements and guidance for developing Robust SDA.   What is a restrictive practice? The NDIS Act 2013....

You cannot certify Hybrid SDA with Robust and High Physical Support or Fully Accessible for the same dwelling

Hybrid Design for SDA

What is a Hybrid SDA? A Hybrid SDA house design can be used for all of the four categories, including Robust (RO), Improved Liveability (IL), Fully Accessible (FA) and High Physical Support (HPS). These are then marketed to the gullible or those who have not undertaken sufficient due diligence, leading to sales to the developer. Along with the sale, false promises are usually made about participant demand and expected returns on many occasions. Since the inception of SDA, I have read articles and listened to podcasts where I keep hearing about the concept of ‘Hybrid Design’ for SDA, which includes....

How much money will I earn investing in SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation?

Specialist Disability Accommodation Investment Returns

What Financial Returns Should I Expect with SDA One of the most asked questions from people wanting to invest in SDA or Specialist Disability Accommodation is, 'How much money will I make? I have heard it is a lot". This is followed by, "I heard the payments are Government guaranteed," and then "Where should I build an SDA?" All three questions miss the point of providing SDA that is Desirable™️ to participants.   Where Should I Build SDA This is one question we will not answer. It is not a case of building SDA; participants will queue up to move....


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