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Melbourne: Saturday 31 July 2021
Sydney: Saturday 14 August 2021

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What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

For people in the community with very high needs, securing suitable housing can be a challenge – but now, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) aims to change this. SDA is available to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who are assessed as needing a special housing solution. It provides financial support to help people with high need disability to rent, buy or build a home that includes the support features they need.

Please refer to our guide the details the steps to Develop Specialist Disability Accommodation for more information

How can SDA Consulting Australia help?

Engaging SDA Consulting Australia (Part of the Equal Access Group) will help you navigate the market when purchasing or developing SDA. The team at SDA Consultants have highly experienced disability access consultants and Accredited SDA Assessors who have extensive knowledge of building practises with a critical understanding of accessibility by people with disability. We work with parents, designers, developers and investors to understand how the NDIS and SDA work, and we’ll take you through the assessment and funding process and help you understand your options and choose the right SDA for your needs.

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Guest Speaker & Trainer – Bruce Bromley

Co-author of the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard

Bruce Bromley SDA Assessor

As one of the three co-authors that developed the new NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard and an Accredited SDA Assessor, Bruce Bromley is well placed to present to investors, developers, property managers including not for profits on the technical aspects of the new SDA requirements.

Training sessions can also be delivered to building design teams, including architects and building designers, to interpret and apply the design standards to developments.

Presentations can be tailored to suit the specific audience and range from a 60-minute overview to a half-day technical training workshop.

All enquiries for presentations can be made on our contact us form and an outline on the target audience and time frame expected. We will then respond with availability and quotation, thank you.

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Types Of Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation Improved Livability

Improved Liveability

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Fully Accessible

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Specialist Disability Accommodation Robust


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modation High Physical Needs

High Physical Support

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What does SDA cover?

Specialist Disability Accommodation funding can be used for purchases directly relating to a dwelling designed for NDIS participants with high support needs. This includes designs and features in new builds and existing homes that make it possible for people needing a high level of support to live independently. Because many of the in-house services required can be complex and costly, SDA funding enables more dwellings to be built specifically to cater to people with disability. SDA funding cannot be used for services that are not directly associated with specialised housing as these are assessed and funded by the NDIS separately.