Property Management

EOI for Property Management Services 

SDA Consulting is now fully registered to manage properties for our clients.

Victoria: November 2021
NSW: March 2022
Qld & WA August 2022

You’ve gone through the stages of researching, choosing, and building your NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation – now comes the important part, finding a tenant (participant) and ensuring your property is well looked after and that compliance is adhered to so as not to jeopardise your investment.

This is where SDA Consulting will help!

SDA Consulting is a provisionally registered specialist disability accommodation provider and can act on the property owner’s behalf to manage their investment by reducing paperwork, costs and the ongoing compliance required by NDIA / NDIS. We will be using cloud-based Asset Management tools that will allow us to process payments from the NDIA on behalf of property owners and tenants.

Our professional services will include undertaking property audits, putting through work orders on the spot, and tracking our licensed contractors to ensure their insurances and registrations are maintained and up to date, giving you confidence in any repairs that need to be carried out. We will schedule all safety inspections, including smoke alarms, safety switches and UPS.

We will lodge your SDA property for enrolment by acting under a Head Lease arrangement and handle NDIS portal registration.  We will submit receipts for the quarterly payments on behalf of the property’s owner and will also prepare depreciation schedules for annual tax returns in conjunction with our consulting quantity surveyors.

Additionally, your tenants or SIL providers will have access to our tenant app, allowing either the tenant/carer/SIL provider to log maintenance requests, be notified of key events, and create KPI reports for our clients, ensure invoices and payments are processed and received by the due dates.

We will also provide an optional tenancy matching service.

Property types we will not manage

We will not provide management services for properties we believe are unsatisfactory, or we think it will not be leased due to poor design. This will be applied to fully accessible and high physical support SDAs designed to LHA platinum requirements or properties that have been incorrectly certified.

We will also not manage properties that have not been provided with sprinklers due to the life safety risks to participants

One of our accredited SDA assessors will undertake an onsite inspection to confirm the level of compliance against the registered category correctly before we commit to managing the property.

We will be the only SDA property management site that makes available properties to meet both the end-users and NDIA requirements as we do not want to have a portfolio of unreleasable properties like other SDA websites.

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SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation Property Management