Enrolling Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) with the NDIA

SDA assisted bathroom with ceiling track hoist lifting gear

With the introduction of the SDA Design Standard, the NDIA has implemented a new process for all new as-built dwellings wishing to meet the criteria for enrolment as SDA.  As of 1st July 2021, Certification of the Design and As-built stages for new build SDA must be provided by an Accredited SDA Assessor. Under the new process a dwelling is required to be certified by an Accredited Assessor to a particular SDA Design Category at two stages: Design (Provisional) Certification, and Final-as-built Certification (Mandatory for SDA enrolment). The 2-stage certification process, as outlined in the Implementation Plan, aims to assure....

Fire Safety for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Fire safety Specialist Disability Accommodation

There will be fatalities! It’s not if, but when! Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) first rolled out in 2013 and is aimed at designing houses for persons with ‘Extreme Functional Impairment or Very High Support Needs’. These are identified under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (SDA) Rules 2016 as an impairment resulting in an extremely reduced functional capacity to undertake in one or more activities of mobility, self-care or self-management and has a very high need for person to person support. The result is that particular attention will need to be paid to design suitability for occupants of these dwellings in....

SDA Housing Density Requirements and Calculations

An often overlooked section of the "National Disability Insurance Scheme (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2016" is density. Unfortunately, this has not been made clear in most documentation produced. Anyone looking to create SDA within a single parcel of land must familiarise themselves with these requirements.   National Disability Insurance Scheme (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2016 Density restriction 6.14    The density restriction applies in relation to a single parcel of land with multiple dwellings (whether or not they all provide SDA) that includes a dwelling that is: (a)       a New Build; or (b)       Existing Stock referred to in paragraph 6.12. 6.15    If any of the....


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