The Critical Role Occupational Therapists Play in SDA

Occupational Therapists Role in Delivering Specilaist Disability Accommodation

Enabling Independence Through Good Design Working with an Occupational Therapist during the design phase of new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) will ensure optimal outcomes for residents with complex disabilities.  While identifying the individual needs of residents with complex disabilities is a specialist skill and needs to be addressed through a formal assessment from an Occupational Therapist, it is evident that as we start to consider the needs of an individual and how their environment can either facilitate or hinder independence, the importance of both health and design professionals working collaboratively with residents to achieve successful outcomes and design quality homes....

Why your SDA might be a Class 3 and not a Class 1a or 1b

Specialist Disability Accommodation Fire

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is setting new standards within the building industry, paving the way for the development of homes rather than institutions for people with a disability. However, this has created some ambiguity over when a home registered as an SDA no longer fits the model of a ‘Typical home’ under the Building Code of Australia. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a technical building document adopted Australia wide which categorises how a building use shall be designed/constructed to safeguard health, safety and amenity of all occupants. These uses are defined as ‘Building Classifications’ and include;   Class....

Fitness Rehabilitation Equipment funded under the NDIS

It’s rare to find a piece of equipment that combines functionality and good design into the one product. For many years fitness & rehabilitation equipment has taken the functionality route over design. And then came the Access Xpress. The ultimate good design and functional hybrid. The Access Xpress has been designed with the end users in mind and caters for all fitness levels and physical abilities. It’s a flagship piece of fitness equipment that allows both able-bodied and wheelchair users to gain the most of the endless possibilities of exercise movements available from the patented adjustable arms and additional cable....


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