Introducing the Turtle Tough TV enclosure—the perfect protection for your TV in Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation

Turtle Tough robust television enclosure for Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation

When it comes to safety and style, you can’t beat our Turtle Tough TV enclosure. It’s durable, has a modern design and reduces the risk of injury for high-risk areas, including Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Robust Anti-Vandal TV Enclosure Showing Gas Struts and Mountings


What is the Tough Turtle TV enclosure?

Made from 3mm steel with an unbreakable 12mm polycarbonate screen, the Tough Turtle TV enclosure is built to last. It’s the perfect way to protect your TV, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. With built-in ventilation, gas struts for easy lifting, handy mounting brackets, anti-tamper screws and, all corners and edges are rounded so you can rest easy knowing your TV and the people around you are safe. Best of all, you won’t even see this enclosure is specifically made for robust spaces with its sleek design and aesthetically pleasing powder-coated white finish.


Why do I need a TV enclosure for robust spaces?

In a lot of specialist disability accommodation and healthcare settings, furniture and appliances need to be solid and durable. Having a TV enclosure reduces risk of injury and electrocution, making it safer for participants and the community—which is particularly important in high-risk or Robust SDA settings. It also protects the TV, increasing its working life and saving money on maintenance, repairs and replacement. This is particularly important in spaces where emotions might run high, or people might experience complex or violent behaviours.

Robust Anti-Vandal TV Enclosure Anti-Tamper Fixings


Who might benefit from a robust TV enclosure?

There are a lot of settings where a robust TV enclosure like the Turtle Tough would be beneficial—especially for anyone living or working in high-risk areas and spaces where people may have high support needs, complex or violent behaviours, or struggle with self-harm and emotional regulation. This might include spaces where people are receiving treatment for their health or mental health, as well as Specialist Disability Accommodation and people released from the judicial system.

It can be hard to cope with emotions, especially in an unfamiliar setting where it may be challenging to self-soothe—or if someone is dealing with a difficult situation or sensory issues. People may also feel frustrated or lash out if they cannot properly communicate with those around them or express their needs.

Not only does the Tough Turtle TV enclosure protect your TV and those around you—it can also be an important emotional regulation tool. Sitting back, relaxing and watching TV safely can have significant therapeutic benefits.


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