Assistive technology ready & home automation for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Home Automation for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Independent Living Made Easy

Assisted living technology is enabling people with disabilities to live fuller and more rewarding independent lives. New home automation technology maximises the ability of those with disabilities to live independently by enabling control of their home through smart devices and voice control. The technology is seamless in its simplicity of use and is designed for use by people with disabilities in mind.  There are endless scenarios where smart home technology can help everyday living…

Building Specialist Disability Accommodation that is Assistive technology ready with home automation allows users to live with a level of independence that is consistent with their individual abilities.

Security: With a single command from an iPhone, tablet or similar smart device, or simply by a simple voice command such as “goodbye” doors will automatically close and then lock. Lights, appliances and devices can also be programmed to automatically switch off on departure. When leaving, the home’s security can also be automatically activated.

Arrival / Welcome:  On arrival home, again via a command from a smart device or by a simple voice command, the occupant is welcomed as doors are unlocked and automatically opened, lights and air conditioning are turned on and curtains can automatically be opened or closed.

Intercom: Home automation provides the simple convenience of being able to respond to visitors at the front door call via a remote smart phone or device which can be kept on the person or within reach no matter where they are in the house.  This enables the occupant to remotely view and know who the visitor is, and provides the ability to remotely open the door unassisted.

Emergencies:  In the event of an emergency or crisis, assisted living provides real peace of mind.  Simply by pressing a pendant a message can be sent to nominated support staff or family members who can then talk directly back into the home via a ceiling speaker and microphone, in addition remote video access can be enabled to authorised carers.

Comfort:  The homes temperature, comfort settings and lighting ambience can be completely controlled via a smart device. Blinds can be set to open and close by responding to exterior daylight light levels, heaters and lights can be programmed to turn on or off at predetermined times to maintain optimal comfort within the home.

Middy’s TechEnergy is an approved NDIS provider who have been involved in designing and delivering cost-effective independent living solutions tailored to an individual’s requirements. Each person’s needs are different and it’s critical the technology provided relates to their everyday needs. Well designed and properly implemented assisted living technology helps achieve greater independence and improves quality of life.  Assistive technology products can be easily installed into new homes or retro fitted to existing homes.

Assisted technology products Middy’s offer include:

  • Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Intercoms
  • Alerts to carers
  • Smoke and Co2 Detectors
  • Door locks and latches
  • Door openers
  • Security
  • CCTV
  • Multi room audio with annunciation

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