Feasibility Study

Prepare a Feasibility Study to determine whether the size or category of SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation required will be suitable for a specific block or site.

The report will provide 2 ‘Building Envelopes’ to fit the chosen site, one each for a category 1A/ 1B Building Class and Class 3 Building Class (Building Class is to be determined by the Statutory Building Surveyor). Each Envelope will take into consideration the local Council’s Planning /Building Laws and Regulations. Includes one meeting/teleconference with the client and the preparation of a Client Brief to confirm requirements, and a follow-up teleconference to review the feasibility.


  • An initial teleconference/ meeting at our office with the client to develop the scope.
  • Prepare feasibility study.
  • Second teleconference with the client to discuss feasibility.

Deliverables by client

The following is required from the client:

  • Site address
  • Copy of title and plan of subdivision
  • Photos of site conditions
  • Site levels if available.
  • SDA Category/ number of bedrooms/ building size required
  • Whether a multi-storey design is acceptable
  • Budget if known
  • Has a Statutory Building Surveyor been engaged/Building Class been determined?
  • Council/ subdivision siting requirements.


Cost for a Site Feasibility $2,750 ex GST

For multi unit sites, or apartments within residential developments please contact us for a quote